Announcing Komiser Entreprise Edition

In just few months, Komiser, the Cloud Environment Inspector, has become a key player in cloud cost optimization ecosystem. With more than 2,200 stars on Github and 190,000 downloads, Komiser is widely used by major companies in their production environments.

Today we’re announcing Komiser Enterprise Edition (EE), our new commercial product, has reached public beta. Komiser EE allows you to identify potential cost savings on all major public cloud providers (AWS, GCP, OVH, Azure and DigitalOcean). Komiser EE is available in three tiers: Essentials, Business and Entreprise tiers :

For consistency, we are also renaming the open source Komiser products to Komiser Community Edition (CE).


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Multiple Cloud Accounts Support

Reserved Instances Advisor

Early access to features

Early Access

Komiser EE is available in early access starting today. The registration process is as simple and automated as possible, so don’t fear endless registration forms nor crowded waiting queues before trying it out. Visit our website at and get started in less than a minute!

Komiser Stays Open

Komiser EE is built on top of Komiser CE, that means that Komiser continues to evolve and will stay open source. Nothing changes! We are firm believers in open source, and Komiser will continue to be our main priority and a community-driven project.


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